4.000 parking spaces in two covered parking structures (A and D) and a garage ( C) are available for organizers and visitors.

Entrance A / Foyer A

Parking A
Access via Max-Koppe-Gasse


via citycenter – Praterstern – Ausstellungsstraße – Max-Koppe-Gasse
via motorway A23 – Handelskai – Machstraße – Elderschplatz/Vorgartenstraße – Ausstellungsstraße – Max-Koppe-Gasse


Nordportalstraße 4/Max-Koppe-Gasse, 1020 Wien
GPS-Coordinates: 48.216914, 16.404570


Carpark Messe-Prater 2 (under SFU-Building/Freudplatz 3)
vehicle access via Perspektivstraße


via citycenter – Praterstern – Ausstellungsstraße – Perspektivstraße
via motorway A23 – Handelskai – Machstraße – Vorgartenstraße/Elderschplatz – Ausstellungsstraße – Perspektivstraße


Perspektivstraße 12, 1020 Vienna
GPS-Coordinates: 48.215662, 16.404875

Fee per car:
EUR 3,00 for the first hour
EUR 3,50 for each additional hour

Entrance Congress Center

Parking CC – Underground Carpark Congress Center
Entrance Vorgartenstraße/Elderschplatz


via A23 – Handelskai – Machstraße – Elderschplatz/Vorgartenstraße
via citycenter – Praterstern – Ausstellungsstraße – Elderschplatz/Vorgartenstraße


Elderschplatz 4/Vorgartenstrasse 204, 1020 Wien
GPS-Coordinates: 48.217219, 16.410760

Fee per car:
EUR 3,00 for the first hour
EUR 3,50 for each additional hour

Entrance D / Foyer D

Parking D
Access Trabrennstraße


via A23 – Handelskai – Meiereistraße / Olympiaplatz – Vorgartenstraße – Trabrennstraße
via citycenter – Praterstern – Ausstellungsstraße – Vorgartenstraße – Trabrennstraße


Trabrennstraße 3, 1020 Wien
GPS-Coordinates: 48.212802, 16.412057

Fee per car:
EUR 3,00 for the first hour
EUR 3,50 for each additional hour

Long-term parking

Your covered parking lot directly at the Messe Wien!
We offer permanent parking spaces for private and corporate customers in car park A and car park D.

 FEES Net/month Gross/month
Long-term parking 1-10 spaces 103,33 127,00
Long-term parking 11-30 spaces 92,50 114,00
Long-term parking 31-100 spaces 83,33 103,00


In case of interest or if you have questions, please contact us at garage@value-one.com

Loss of parking ticket

EUR 60,00 per ticket
The “Verlustticket” is available directly at the ticket machine in the car park.



All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Good to know

Methods of payment

Cash and cash-free payment facilities are available at car park A and in the multi-storey car parks A and D.

Disabled parking

There are parking spaces for disabled persons in the multi-storey car parks on each deck. All the multi-story car parks are equipped with disabled-friendly lifts.

Max. Height

Up to a vehicle height of 2 m

Parking for unusually high vehicles

Vehicles up to a height of 3m can be parked on the ground floor of multi-story car park D (Trabrennstraße).