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Digital solutions for your knowledge advantage

You want to be able to track which participants stayed in which session for how long and with whom, or which booths were visited? With the Bluetooth based IoT solution developed by “Waytation” exactly these questions can be answered. Anonymous and GDPR-compliant, it can measure, among other things, the length of stay and movement patterns of visitors. The large number of possible analyses of visitor behavior gives you a decisive competitive knowledge edge.

Track & Trace in times of Corona

Especially in times of Corona the new technology is an ultimate gamechanger. The visitor flow can be displayed live and thus influenced and regulated immediately – this contributes also to increased security. Based on the collected data, contact tracking is significantly simplified. Waytation offers what is currently in high demand: a simple and compatible way to hold events in accordance with Covid-19 requirements.

© Waytation

© Waytation

Versatile application possibilities

At the registration, participants receive a so-called “wayTag”, which is simply attached to the visitor badge. It is up to you, as the organiser, to define the quantity given out or if you, for example, want to group the tags already in advance. The wayTag in its standard version is not linked to a specific individual but can of course be personalized. When personalized, you can track, which sessions the participants attended and how long they stayed in the room. This tool can also be setup for doctors to claim their CME credits at a medical congress.

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