Save from COVID-19 via CO-PS

Save from COVID-19 via CO-PS

Versatility is the key. That’s what our colleagues at STANDout thought too, as they rapidly developed the CO-PS (Corona Protection Shield). This product line helps to protect individuals from contracting the Corona virus via tiny airborne droplets. It involves mobile ‘plexiglas’ elements that can be deployed in a variety of sizes and designs as each situation requires. The product range spans everything from simple transparent desk dividers to multi-piece aluminium-framed constructions for multi-desk workspaces, as well as registration desks, room-height protective cabins and mobile dividing walls. CO-PS make good sense wherever people work together in a single enclosed area, and automatically come into contact with one another and with customers.

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This video shows the solutions in a real-life context:

The product folder can be found here:

If you are interested in these products, we would be delighted to put you in contact with our colleagues at STANDout. Alternatively, please feel free to make direct contact:

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