Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center offers event organisers a versatile „track & trace“ system

As the exclusive operator of Messe Wien, Reed Exhibitions now offers its customers a new innovation in technology. Event organisers can not only record and analyze the entire customer journey with the help of a tracking system, but can also enable seamless “track & trace”.

Organisers can now use a state-of-the-art tracking system at Messe Wien. With Waytation’s IoT technology, it is possible to live track which person has been in which area for how long and with whom. On the one hand a valuable Covid-19 prevention tool, but on the other hand “leading the way for the future”, Martina Candillo is convinced. The Director of Congresses & Events sees a wide range of possibilities in the real-time analysis of visitor flows, giving Messe Wien a decisive competitive advantage. “Knowing your participants is key for making the right and therefore most successful decisions when planning an event,” Candillo says.


The solution for measurable participant behavior
By the way, Waytation uses Bluetooth for the analysis of visitor flows. While the technology is anonymous and GDPR conform, it can be used to highlight duration of visitor stays and movement patterns of visitors, for example. From these data, trends and generated interest can be derived by the organiser and the direct reaction of visitors can be recognized. “Investigating a Covid-19 case, this tool facilitates identification and will help contact tracing”, Candillo adds.

Versatile application possibilities
And this is how it works: Upon registration participants receive a so-called “wayTag”, which can be easily attached to the visitor badge. That way, the organiser can track which sessions participants attended and how long participants stayed in a room. Based on this information, CME-Credits (which must be earned by doctors) can be calculated and automatically booked to the respective person.


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